Isle of Wight..Continued

Friday, October 28, 2016

Day 2 (Sunday) - We woke up early and asked for breakfast. The owner himself cooked full English breakfast. After that we bid farewell to the owner and headed towards Needle point. This was again not far from Weston manner. The weather was not up to the mark though.

When we reached Needle point tourist spot it was drizzling. It was 1 mile walk from the parking to the needle point. On top of that heavy wind made the walk difficult. We somehow reached the needle point and had a hot cup of coffee at a coffee shop. The Needle was a site for military use, so you can see old military items. The place also has a watch light house which is automated since 1994.

More information about Needles can be found here.

As we planned to keep our trip short the next stop was extreme east of the island - Shanklin Beach. We took the below route to Shanklin as this one was the most beautiful one. This route passed through villages and coasts. We stopped at one place after seeing a man selling burgers and hot dogs in his caravan.

Shanklin beach a public parking right opposite to the beach. Parking fee was 2 pounds per hour as far as I remember.

Shanklin was the last beach we visited in Isle of wight. But due to the famous British weather we couldnt stay longer. Our return ferry was booked at 4pm from Fishbourne. We reached there almost an hour early (once again) and waited. The administrators at the ferry allowed us to catch the previous ferry. Thus saving one hour of time we reached home by 8pm.

This being one of the first road trips we were more than happy that we had a beautiful road trip and came back safely

Hotel- Weston Manner B&B. The rate was 40 pounds per person at that time. Might have gone up.

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