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Prasenjit Nath
Hi, Thanks for stopping by. My name is Prasenjit, I am a solution architect by profession in an reputed IT company. I love to travel to new places and explore. To me traveling is not only escaping from your busy life, it is also learning. Every new place teaches you something new. Every new place you go, every new people you meet, every new food you eat adds some knowledge which is far more greater than reading a whole novel. Ofcourse you have to adapt yourself according to the new place and you have to try new things. This blog allows me to share my experience of traveling to distant places, where I write things I liked and things I didnt. In past people used to write diaries, in today's modern world everything is electronic.

“It is not down in any map; true places never are.” – Herman Melville

Do contact me if you wish to for any reason @ +919007010909 or email me at uprasenjit@gmail.com

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