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This is 2015. Le me be honest, I do not write well, people have reviewed my blog and passed comment which are not so great. Even my blog do not have huge fans and followers. It hardly has 50 views per day and people are hardly interested in what I write. Then the question in why do I write ? Why do I spend time in this useless blog when no one is going to read ? Well to find the answers you have to spend some time with me, you have to know me, know the person I am. I write for myself. Of course everyone needs attention, I would be very happy if some day my blog has 5000 views, but right now I mostly write for myself. If you think this to be "grapes are sour" comment then you are wrong.

Traveling is learning, every new place teaches you something new. Every new place you go, every new people you meet, every new food you eat adds some knowledge which is far more greater than reading a whole novel. Ofcourse you have to adapt yourself according to the new place and you have to try new things. This blog allows me to share my experience of traveling to distant places, where did I go, what did I see, what did I eat, was that good, what to avoid etc etc. In past people used to write diaries, mostly private things, in today's modern world people like me write blogs.

Another aspect of writing this blog is I see traveling differently than to any person who travels in a public transport. There is no harm in traveling in a public transport, please don't get me wrong. But to me traveling in own means gives better opportunity of enjoyment and satisfaction. Ofcourse there are few negative points to that, people who doesn't like to drive or ride will not understand this. I try to enjoy the entire journey, not just the destination.

“It is not down in any map; true places never are.” – Herman Melville

Do contact me if you wish to for any reason @ +919007010909 or email me at uprasenjit@gmail.com

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