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Lake District - Too much excitement

I am not a good story teller but I will try to write whatever has happened with as much detail as possible. This is not going to be a photo-log, so please expect lesser images than my other posts. Thursday Night - I didn't want to go to Lake district. I didn't want to do any more road trips this month. You know there is always a constraint- money. I have already spent more than what I should in Scotland. But then when it comes to road trips my brain doesn't work, suddenly my heart takes all the command. Despite the constraints and other things I rarely say no to any road trips. So on a fine evening sitting at 9 Mandeville Saptarshi da convinced us (me and Anindya da) to go with them. We were on drinks so the convincing part was easy I guess. Only within half an hour after that all the rooms were booked, 14-15 people were interested and have said yes to the trip. Everyone was so fucking excited that we couldn't say no any more. 3 drivers were required to hire 3 car

4 Days Scotland Road trip

Working in IT has its own advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages are you dont have any personal life on the weekdays and even on some weekends. You work so hard that if you were to tell anybody they wont believe. And then if you love to travel there are always some bosses who doesn't approve your leaves and you plans gets cancelled multiple time. The advantages is you get to travel, not only within the country but even to dream places outside the country. Some of the bhpians call this "Paid vacation". I even had an argument for using this term, but then if you think wisely you might agree with it. So my job has let me traveled few places in the UK, Scotland being one of them.