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To Okhray and Varsey in search of Rhododendrons

Rhododendron is a seasonal flower which blooms from late winter to early summer. It is the national flower of Nepal. But you dont have to visit Nepal to see Rhododendrons. There are plenty of rhododendrons trees in North Bengal and different parts of Sikkim. When rhododendrons bloom together it is a treat to the eyes. The Sikimese part of Sigalila national park is mostly covered with rhododendrons. The Rhododendron sanctuary in Barsey is the place to go during this time of the year. The sanctuary is spread across 104 sqkm. There are three points of entry into the sanctuary from Hiley, Dentam and Soresh. Tourists generally prefers Hilley because it is approachable by road. From Hilley its a 4km hike inside the sanctuary which offers extraordinary view of different rhododendrons. If you are lucky enough you will see red carpet and even the fores covered with red Himalayan roses. Plan for west Sikkim was going on for a very long time. And when you are making a plan in April there